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JM Custom Woodworking is dedicated to the design and manufacture of what many consider to be superior quality window and door products. We produce a full line of Miami-Dade County Impact Rated products. All our exterior doors and windows are produced using Sweitenia macrophylla or “Honduran Mahogany”. We only use lumber that has been harvested from ecologically managed forests. Honduran Mahogany has proven the test of time to be the best material for exterior use in a tropical or semitropical environment. JM Custom Woodworking’s sash and doors are built using mortise and tenon joinery. Our Impact Rated Door and Casement. Window products use Coastal Grade Mushroom Cam Multipoint Perimeter locking hardware. Our doors have a solid bronze and PVC sill system making JM’s products insect (and rot) resistant. The double hung window products use a weight and pulley counter balance system that gives even the largest sash a feather touch movement that anyone can operate.